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1)  Workforce Literacy Curriculum

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LNN Literacy Network Northeast is a non profit organization and regional literacy network coordinating referral, training and community development activities for literacy programs in Northeastern Ontario. LNN has become known for its forward-thinking, innovative work in workforce literacy, creating comprehensive job profiles with banks of authentic materials and validated exit demonstrations for 10 entry level employment positions. They also produced LBS training curricula for five jobs: Nanny, Chambermaid, Taxi Driver, Florist Assistant and Cashier as well as training on Supported Job Search. These are all available here for download free of charge.

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LLEO-ESTlogo   Literacy Link of Eastern Ontario (LLEO) is a Regional Network Organization that serves delivery agencies of the Literacy and Basic Skills Program in Eastern Ontario. LLEO assists with collaborative activities to meet the needs of learners in that region and coordinates field development initiatives that move the field forward in literacy reform. To meet the demand for more practitioner support in workforce literacy programming, LLEO has produced for purchase, eight CDs with full curriculum for learners who have employment interests in the areas of: Supported Job Search, Call Centre, Retail, Hospitality Services (L 1-2-), Skilled Trades Helper, Food Processing, Food Counter Attendant, Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance, and Heath Care Studies.

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2)  Family Literacy Curriculum

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Together We Learn is a free, downloadable curriculum for practitioners whose learners’ goals include, “helping my children become good readers."

The curriculum is easy to skim and full of good ideas. It is not laid out in heavy detail but provides a brief rationale or a little background for a particular lesson focus followed by a good description of a number of activities that would support that learning. The activities are stand-alone pieces which mean practitioners can pick and choose ones that best meet the needs of their learners. Learner worksheets accompany activities that require reading and writing.

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