Online Course - Train Ontario 2:  Building Agency Capacity for Serving Learning with Employment Goals

An important objective of Train Ontario 2 was to help LBS Managers and Program Administrators to get a cross-the-board, clear picture of what it means to manage a literacy delivery agency well, especially with a view to meeting the needs of a particular set of clients – i.e., employment-bound learners. We examined five key areas of responsibility identifying good practice, important skills and essential understanding. The question to answer was, “In this area, what do agencies need to know and be able to do in order to best serve learners with employment goals?”

The five key areas are:

  1. Program Policies and Procedures
  2. Strategic Planning and Coordination
  3. Marketing, Outreach and Partnership Building
  4. Supporting Practitioners
  5. Program Evaluation

Now, two years later, we see how that employment-related training for both practitioners and managers was strategically timed. In 2006, the Literacy and Basic Skills Program joined with Ontario Works and Job Connect to form a new integrated, employment training system called Employment Ontario. With Train Ontario 1 & 2 somewhat fresh in our minds, managers are in a stronger position to successfully sharpen the focus on employment training in their agencies.

The online course that is contained here represent the best information, ideas and examples from Train Ontario 2, and provide a good foundation for moving forward in constructing a new framework for training in Employment Ontario.

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