Partners in Online Practitioner Training


Laubach Literacy of Ontario represents a network of community-based literacy programs that use the services of volunteer tutors and trainers to provide one-to-one instruction for adults wishing to improve basic reading, writing, and math skills. To ensure quality instruction, Laubach-certified trainers provide initial and ongoing professional training for new and experienced volunteer tutors. You can find good resources and a number of practical tutorials for tutors and trainers at:


Community Literacy of Ontario (CLO) is a network of community literacy agencies. CLO has developed a free, self-directed, online training website called “Literacy Basics”. Literacy Basics contains eight user-friendly training modules for LBS program coordinators and instructors.

CLO’s online modules are: Learner Recruitment; Learner Retention; Assessment; Instructional Strategies; Self-Management and Self-Direction; Learner Follow-up and Exit Strategies; Program Evaluation; and Volunteer Management.

You can access Literacy Basics at:


Several colleges throughout Ontario offer the Teacher of Adults: Literacy Educator Certificate Program online. The requirements for this certificate include course work and a field placement component. In addition to one elective, students complete five required courses: The Adult Literacy Learner, Assessing and Evaluation Literacy Learning, Planning for Literacy Learning, Foundational Strategies for Literacy and Numeracy Instruction, Applied Strategies for Literacy and Numeracy Instruction. You can learn more about each course and find out how to register for the program at:


Demonstrations are activities that LBS learners do in order to demonstrate their literacy skills and abilities in various real life situations. This approach to assessment requires practitioners to identify the literacy-related tasks associated with learners’ goals, locate the Essential Skills involved in each task and design a similar task or activity that can be used to measure the learner’s proficiency. It takes considerable knowledge and skill to create and use demonstrations effectively. AlphaPlus has a great site that shows you how: